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Why Use SIPS?

Environmentally Friendly

MgO SIPs are a reduced carbon footprint construction system and produce less waste on the job. They are sustainable and qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Building Certification. MgO Sips are a very Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Emission Building Material with no off-gassing or harmful chemicals. Completely recyclable and is classed as ‘Nutritional Waste’ Acts as a nutrient when it is ground up and sprinkled into the soil Landfill friendly – no leaching of toxic inputs into the water table Low energy manufacturing process Captures carbon dioxide CO2 during the curing process.

Design Flexability

Interior Panels are Taped and Finished with Drywall Joint Compound and Painted. It finishes beautifully, achieving Level 5 finishes in half the time, with half the mud and paint The exterior surface of MgO SIPS can be painted or coated with a synthetic stucco finish, lap siding, brick veneer, stone and a host of other suitable exterior finishes. SIPs can be used as a Load Bearing Structure to 4 Stories and they are available in various thicknesses to suit the needs of your project. On high rise commercial projects, the SIP panel becomes the insulated building skin and acts as a replacement for masonry block, metal framing and other exterior building skin products. MgO SIPS have superior loading, fire ratings and acoustic values over OSB and fiber cement SIPS. They are stronger and more durable than gypsum and fiber cement products and lighter than fiber cement products.

We are hurricane rated, having been wind load tested up to 230 MPH

Hurricane Resistant
Fire Resistant

MgO Sip Panels will prevent fires from spreading from interior to exterior walls and vice versa. MgO Sips are a Class A1 fire rated product and score a 0/0 rating on the ASTM E84 / UL 723 Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Index No plywood, OSB or drywall panel can claim claim this. Releases up to 30 lbs. of water as vapor during a fire event, helping to cool and contain the fire. Sips made from Magnesium Oxide embedded with fiberglass mesh, are not only fire resistant but will not shatter. Don’t bet your life on wood or even concrete. See what South Florida SIPs can do for you!





Mold & Mildew Resistant

MgO Sips are completely inorganic, will not rot or mold and will not feed mildew. ASTM G21: Scores a 0/0/0 rating, (standard practice for determining resistance of a building material to mold and fungi) MGO will not support black mold growth and has a high resistance to moisture absorption making it an ideal choice for wet humid environments. They are insect, ant and termite proof.

Energy Savings up to 90%

Extraordinary Insulation Ratings (R-values) and Air Tight Design Result in Improved Building-Wide Air Quality and Energy Savings of 30%-90% and the need for Smaller HVAC Systems. This Results in Saving Thousands of Dollars over the Life Cycle of the Building.

Insurance Savings

Recent quotes from major carriers indicate a willingness to reduce premiums by as much as 15% for wind coverage.

Labor Savings

SIP construction provides lower labor costs, easier, faster construction, less job site waste and ease for meeting code requirements. Traditional stick frame construction takes approximately 259 hours for completion whereas SIP construction takes only 126 hours. According to BASF’s time-motion study SIP construction takes 2 times less to complete for wall, roof and dormer window installations. 4.0 KEY FINDINGS Reed Construction Data/RSMeans BASF Corporation—Time & Motion Study Key findings that emerged from the Time & Motion Studies: • The use of prefabricated Structural Insulated Panels resulted in significant time and labor cost savings. Erection of the SIPs walls, roof, and dormers took 45% of the labor hours expected for conventional construction. • Rough-wiring the electrical appurtenances in the SIPs walls took 89% of the labor hours expected for rough wiring in a conventional house. (Hourly rates for the electricians were the same for both types of construction, so the labor cost savings matched the labor hour savings.) Other advantages for SIPs include: • SIPs eliminate the need to install exterior sheathing, thermal insulation, and housewrap separately. The SIP sandwich panels come preassembled, which reduces installation time. • Precut openings: with door and window openings already cut, there is less labor required on the job site to install SIPs. Typical completion Time of Approximately 12 days for a 4BR/3BA House A normal project can take 6-8 months where with SIPs that can be cut down to as little as 60 days! ” Less Waste, Reduced Labor, Accelerated Construction Schedules, Less Site Inspections With the use of a MgO SIPS panel, drywall can be eliminated which further reduces the time and cost of construction.

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